Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to do a private food walk?

Yes of course! Private tours are very popular with large groups of friends and families. Rearch out to us for more information at:

How much walking will we do?

The total walking distance of our food tour is approximately 1,8 km or 1,1 miles, but it can vary a little between tours. The tour is easy, as we are never walking further than to our next restaurant where we will sit down and enjoy a delicious local cuisine.

Furthermore, the walking is usually slow paced since we explore the city as we go!

Total walking calculated by Google is 25-30 minutes.

What exactly is included in the price?

You will enjoy a small group of people in a private guided tour through the highights of Ålesund combined with food and fun.

The tour tickets include:

All the food we get served!
5 stops at different restaurants
Fresh still-water
A great memory!
You will have the option to purchase alcohol, soda, and other beverages.
Food for the kids?

We don't have a separate menu for children, but a lot of the food is child friendly. A lot of the food is based on fish, so it's super tasty and delicious, but might not be ideal for picky children.

What about food allergies, vegan options, or halal?

Everyone is welcome to join our food tour, but we do not have any specific tours to acommodate allergies or dietary restrictions. All food served on the food tour is already pre-decided, and cannot be changed per request. We apologlize for the inconvenience.

What language will the food tour be in?

The main language spoken by our guides will be English, unless the food walkers are all Norwegian.

How much are we going to eat?

We recommend you show up with the same hungry appetite you would as right before lunch time.

Can I bring my dog on the tour?

Due to allergies and common restrictions you can't bring your dog or other pets.

Is there a dress code?

You don't have to dress formal, but to respect the restaurants, we don't advise wearing sweatpants or pajamas. Wear clothes for light walking in the streets.

Make sure to check YR.NO in Ålesund in advcance for the weather forecast.

Do you have more questions or want to make a request? 
Don't hestitate to contact us so we can help you in any way possible.
We want all of our customers to have a memorable experience!

Check out our booking page for tour prices and details.